Say: "Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are (all) for Allah, the Cherisher of the Worlds". -Quran 6:162

The (faithful) slaves of the Beneficent are۔۔۔  "those who, when they are reminded of the revelations of their Lord do not fall on it like deaf and blind۔" -Quran 25:73





Allama Syed Abdullah Tariq - as he is addressed by many - belongs to town of Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA. He is one of the highly revered Scholar of Islam and Hinduism. By education he is a Bachelor of Engineer (Electrical) of 1974 batch; from Aligarh Muslim university (India). However, he is a full time daee since 1987. Spreading the message of God and bringing people closer to God on common platform is his mission.  He is among the daees greatly influenced by the noble soul - Acharya Maulana Shams Naved usmani. Late Shams Naved usmani was a scholar of Quran and hindu scriptures and has done in-depth study of Quran and hindu scriptures. After the demise of Maulana Shams Naved usmani - his promising student - Allama Syed abdullah tariq sahab has successfully carried out his mission.

1. Allama Syed abdullah tariq sahab strictly adheres to the Quran and the guidance of Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him).

2. He has dedicated his life for spreading the message of God to all. Every year he conducts 10 days of dawah training camp. People from all categories viz: businessman, student, working individuals, professionals, ulema (Specially for the students passed from madarsas to understand other religion better), ladies are part of his dawah programs.

3. He is regularly invited by various organizations / individuals to give talk on dawah, religion, islam, hinduism etc across the length and breadth of country. He has been speaker in thousands of lectures, programs, Quranic conferences, vedic conferences, symposiums, interfaith dialogues, dawah programs etc.

4. He was invited by IRF - islamic Research foundation in "Peace conference" and delivered talk in the year 2008.

5. He was one of the speaker at interfaith dialogue at SPAIN in 2008.

6. His talk is also telecast on Peace TV urdu recorded by IRF, Mumbai.

7. Previously he used to write answers for questions posed in 'islamic voice' magazine - a monthly magazine from Bangalore  However due to his busy schedule he was unable to carry forward the same.Due to his busy schedule i say that his one foot is in rampur and one outside the town. 

8. He was a guest faculty at IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Ahmadabad for 15 years where he used to motivate people for entrepreneurship. 

9. Allama Syed abdullah tariq sahab is a beacon of hope in the world full of hatred in the name of religion. Another distinguishing feature of Syed abdullah tariq sahab is that he is loved and welcomed by all viz: Hindu, muslim and christian organizations / individuals. Various religious organizations viz: brahmakumaris, gayatri parivaar, ISKCON, Nirankari mission, Christians have honored their programs with the presence and talk of Syed abdullah tariq sahab.

10. Few months back he created history - in 2011- by leading a team of dedicated muslims to the mahakumbh (A religious festival of hindus in which an estimated 50 lakh people were expected to attend the ceremony spread over five days) at haridwar, UP, india; organized by Gayatri parivaar (A sect of Hinduism). A muslim team with rath (Bus) in the crowd of lakhs of hindu brethren; hindus - muslims both chanting the kalima - "la ilaha illalah muhammadur rasul-ul-llah" was an amazing symbol of love, brother hood and communal harmony. Several hindus offered the namaz lead by Allama tariq sahab. Seeing the intense spiritual environment of muslims several hindu ladies had tears in their eyes. 

11.On the constant request from Gayatri Parivaar he has penned down the book - "Yug parivartan - islamic drishtikon".

12. He had the opportunity and gave dawah of islam/sanatan dharma to former Prime minister of india - Shri Atal Bihari vajpaee.

13. WORK (World organization of religions and knowledge) - His organization - is the only muslim organization that got permission to have its stall in kumbh mela (A mass Hindu pilgrimage in which Hindus gather at the river ganga. According to the Mela Administration's estimates, around 70 million people participated in the 45-day Ardh Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, in 2007) in Allahabad - india in 2007.

14. Allama Syed abdullah tariq sahab and his team put stall at Chitrakoot in Ramayan Mela (religious gathering of Hindus) every year. This is very unusual scene in a sense that in this mela thousands of our hindu brethren participate (this place and festival is associated with hindu mythology) and probably, WORK is the only muslim group to be part of it.


15. He is the only Muslim who received Ram Kinkar Award from Ramayanam Trust, Ayodhya for his personal attributes.


16. Alhamdulillah he is scholar par excellence with respect to Quran, hadees, islamic history, fiqh, Ved, puran, darshan, upnishad, Bhagwad Geeta, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Bible, Guru Granth sahib, budhist-parsi-jain scriptures. 


17. His tafseer-e-Quran dars takes place every week in Rampur and Moradabad (U.P., India). He takes 1-2 hour sometimes to explain just 1-2 Ayah of Quran - thanks to his in-depth knowledge of Quran and rational approach towards deen.


18. He delivers lecture every juma in rampur. Then he leads the Juma Salah


My first interaction with Allama Tariq sahab

I remember it was during my engineering days at AMU in 2004, when i met him first. We had organized Ved-Quran exhibition at Aligarh, UP, INDIA. This was a program where people from all faith participated. In that program Allama Syed abdullah Tariq sahab was our chief guest. He handled the question and answer session. Alhamdulillah he possessed immense knowledge with respect to islam and hinduism. His humbleness and simplicity is bound to leave a mark on the audiences. I remember how a hindu man among the audience kissed his hand out of extreme respect and love for tariq sahab.


His sole mission is to bring people of all faith under the banner of ONE GOD. He is one of the pioneers in the unique approach towards hindus. His book - "Agar ab bhi na jaage to" - is a revolutionary book in the world of comparative religion study. Contrary to the popular myth that Hindus are people without any prophet or divine revelation - Allama tariq sahab has proved that Hindus and Muslims are lost brothers. This book created waves in the circle of dawah and helped thousands of muslims change their altitude towards hindu brethren. He mainly works among grass root level people, pretty far away from media hypes; that is one of the reason he has not got wide popularity. He constantly engages in interfaith talk with people from all faith. Every week his team visits non muslim area and talk about common terms in respect to God, prophet hood and life hereafter. He delivers dars e quran every week. Recording of his tafseer-Quran is going on since few years. Even speaking in short he takes 1 hour to explain 1 ayah of Quran. Allah has graced him with the faham (in depth understanding) of Quran. 

His team of volunteers have dedicated their Fridays for Dawah and Islamic Activities. After the Dars in the morning, he delivers khutba e jum’a at a masjid in his neighborhood where he does imamat for Friday prayers. He sits in masjid after the Friday Prayers for general queries. Around 5 – 6 teams depart for different villages of Rampur and Moradabad from the Masjid for Dawah. They openly preach kalima and sajida to Non Muslims. Generally this is done at the temple of the village.

Some of his literary work includes:

"Agar ab bhi na jagey to"                                 [Urdu]

"Agar ab bhi na jagey to"                                 [Hindi;Translated by Dr. Javed Anjum]

"Agar ab bhi na jaagey to"                                [Translation in Sindhi by Siddiqui Waqf Trust, Karachi]

"Now or Never"                                                [English translation of 'Agar ab bhi na jaagey to' by Dr.A.H.Tak]

"Ved me agni rahasy"                                       [Hindi; The mystry of AGNI in vedas]

"Aur hum dono mar gae"                                   [Hindi]

"Ved aur Quran : Kitne Door, Kitne Paas"          [Hindi]

"Gawahi "                                                         [Hindi and Urdu]

"Shahidi                                                         [Sindhi translation of "Gawahi" by Siddiqui Waqf Trust, Karanchi]

"Islam ka Swaroop"                                           [Hindi; Collection of Ahadith]

"Wahi Ek - Ekta ka Aadhaar"                            [Hindi]

"He Alone"                                                       [English version of Wahi Ek Ekta ka Aadhaar]

"Gujarat ke baad - Haalaat aur Hal"                 [Urdu]

"Kya hum musalaman hain?"                              [Urdu; based on work of Maulana Shams naved usmani]


"Shaanti Paigham"                                            [Hindi] Authored by 2 Vedic scholars & Syed Abdullah tariq shb


"Yug Privartan" Gayatri parivar and Islam"        [Hindi] Gift to gayatri parivar from a muslim

Other than these some of his disciples have written books under his guidance based on his studies, which are becoming very popular:

"Aao Jihaad Karein"                                                          by Dr. Mohd. Zubair

"Jeev Hatya or Maansahaar"                                             by Mudassir Ali Khan

"Marne ke baad Kya hoga?"                                               by Tariq Murtuza Qadri

"Lost prophets of Hinduism and India"                               by Khurshid Imam

"Meat-Eating-and-Animal-Killing-in-Valmiki-Ramayan-and-the-literary-fraud"     by Khurshid Imam


For ordering above books kindly call us @+91-8884542768 or Send Email: OR CONTACT US

I pray to almighty God to reward him for his noble work and give him highest level of paradise in the life hereafter.


                                                                                        .....By Khurshid Imam

22nd December 2013


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